In the past years, the Nuns of Zangdokpalri have worked diligently under the guidance of Dungse Rinpoche Rigdzin Dorje and with the support of friends of Zangdokpalri Foundation to restore the old nunnery, establish and undertake multiple meditation retreats, serve the impoverished community in the surrounding area, and meet the educational and health-care needs of the monastic community.

Reconstruction of the Nunnery

For the past years (since finishing the monk’s Zangdokpalri Temple in 2010) many of the donations to the Foundation have gone directly to aid the nuns in rebuilding their temple which was in danger of falling down.  We are very happy to report that not only was the temple beautifully constructed and decorated over the years, but the nuns also constructed a new retreat center and dormitory as well! Support was allocated to purchasing material for the nuns to build these structures and to feed and clothe and support their practices.

Continuing Support for the Nuns

At the same time, there remain over 100 monastics here who depend on our traditional generosity to maintain them in this remote area, which is one of the most impoverished in the world.  Any funds go a really long way. Just a dollar a day gives a nun sustenance, including food, clothing, practice materials and basic health care. The practices and unbroken lineage blessings associated with this nunnery and with the affiliated Zangdokpalri monastery are of immense benefit to all of us and to our planet.  Please multiply this benefit with your generous donation ~  If you can click on the option to make your donation a recurring one, that helps even more!  Click here to offer your support.


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