Instructions to construct a new monastery and temple for the monastic community in this area were revealed to Kunzang Dechen Lingpa Rinpoche in a dream, along with an exact vision of where the structure should be placed. After a short search, Rinpoche located the land for the temple as described in his dream, including its relationship to four major mountains, local caves located in the four directions, and additional environmental and geographical details.

With his own limited resources, Rinpoche acquired the land and started work on building Zangdokpalri Monastery as a future oasis of Buddhist scholarship, sacred art and meditation. The precise size, appearance, and architectural details of the new temple were ultimately constructed exactly according to Rinpoche’s dreams. As you can see from the photos, much has been accomplished, based in part upon the dedication and devotion of local workers, as well as the generosity of supporters in the West.