Kunzang Dechen Lingpa Rinpoche
Rinpoche is a terton (revealer of Dharma treasures) in the Ancient Lineage (Nyingma) of Tibetan Buddhism. Renowned in his homeland in Northeastern India, he is a realized master of Dzogchen who personifies compassion and spiritual power, combined with integrity and a playful delight in life. His revealed texts include many profound practices, including the special healing Chö of Troma Nakmo, the wrathful personification of enlightened activity expressed in feminine form.

Please see the short biography below for more detail on Rinpoche's life, including an annotated map illustrating his journey from Tibet to India and the locations of his current projects. Click on the links for a copy of Rinpoche's Long Life Prayer and a photo gallery of additional pictures of Rinpoche.

Kunzang Dechen Lingpa
Dudjom Rinpoche
The Incarnations of Kyabje
Kunzang Dechen Lingpa

A Short Biography of Kunzang Dechen Lingpa

Kunsang Rinpoche was born in the Earth Snake Year - 1928, in Southern Tibet in Lhodrak (map). He is the13th reincarnation of the Buddha Rinchen Tsug Tor Gyen. From childhood he was only interested in spiritual things. At 16 he went into full time spiritual retreat, and studied with Dudjom Rinpoche for 10 years.

It was prophesized, and he became a terton or treasure revealer at age 20. Rinpoche was recognized by H.H. Dudjom Rinpoche as the Lodhak Terton, the reincarnation of Terton Longsel Nyingpo, of the Drubchen Melong Dorje lineage.

Based on premonitions of the ensuing diaspora, Kunzang Dechen Rinpoche left Tibet for the famous "hidden land" of Pemakod in 1955, 4 years before the Chinese takeover of Tibet. After 7 years in meditation retreat there he eventually settled in Assam, the northeastern extremity of India. There he received prophecies in his dreams  from Guru Padmasambhava that two gonpas or monasteries should be built in that area. Acting on his vision, Rinpoche first built Tashi Choling nunnery in Assam. Over a decade later, in the neighboring state of Arunachal Pradesh Rinpoche discovered the exact location as depicted in his previous dream for the Zangdokpalri Temple. The local people have donated this mountaintop and the temple is now under construction to precise specifications, according to Rinpoche’s vision of Guru Rinpoche’s palace in the Copper Colored Mountain pure land.

Rinpoche is renowned for his "pure vision" treasure revelations of Dorje Drollo, Throma Nagmo and many others he directly received from Padmasambhava. His unique Healing Chö practice has brought healing and relief from suffering to countless beings around the world. In these times of rampant degeneration Rinpoche's teachings illuminate and dispel the darkness of ignorance, delusion and suffering. Ven. Kunsang Dechen Lingpa personifies wisdom, compassion, spiritual power, integrity and delight in life.

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