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Over the past years activities and donations from our friends have supported the community of monks and nuns of Zangdokpalri. Unfortunately, since the last Cho Healing tour in 2009, Homeland Security has tightened restrictions on entry visas to the USA. Therefore, Rinpoche and the monks and nuns have been unable to visit and perform this precious activity in the states. Not only has this been a problem for so many here who have been requesting the Healing Cho, but the monastery and nunnery have lost their main source of financial sustenance. 

Your donations, small or large have sustained them and your continued generosity goes an even longer way these days with a favorable exchange rate for dollars in India. And now your aid goes an even longer way, easing the stress of the Lockdown in India that has further strained the monastery and nunnery’s minimal resources.

Participate in the Special Ceremonies for the Reincarnation of Kunzang Dechen Lingpa Rinpoche
Those who were able to receive teachings remember the warmth of open friendship from Kunzang Dechen Lingpa, who passed away in 2008. Of particular interest to you then is the opportunity to make donations specific to supporting Lamas, nuns, monks at the Zangdokpalri Temple in their heartfelt intent in ceremonies to request our precious teacher and spiritual friend to again reincarnate and be discovered. If you want to participate, you can make a donation that will specifically go to feed the sangha at the ceremonies and purchase fresh offerings for the shrine. Follow the link on this page.

An Historic Message
from Kunzang Dechen Rinpoche

Dear Friend, This doctrine of the great and precious secret oral tradition of  Vajrayana Buddhism is as yet like a small butter lamp in a strong wind, and is consequently very weak. Such a state of affairs is unbearable for someone like myself. Even though I have now reached the end of my life, the responsibility has developed on me to build this new monastery and to establish new monks and nuns there. To benefit beings, it is my strong intention and desire that study and practice flourish in this region. From your side, too, I hope that you will have a strong motivation to aid this project, and to help as much as possible.   ~ Kunzang Dechen Rinpoche, Tashi Choling Monastery

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Participate in the Special Ceremonies for the Reincarnation and Discovery of Kunzang Dechen Lingpa & Support the Nuns and Monks of Zangdokpalri by Donating Here

Funds are urgently needed to ensure long-term, stable support of the activities of the over 300 monks and nuns who are dependent on sponsorship for their basic needs of food, clothing, shelter, books, and materials for the sacred arts. Support this work by making a secure online donation through the link on this page.  Please consider making your donation a monthly recurring gift by indicating that preference on the payment screen.  You may cancel anytime – Thank you!

Checks can be mailed to:
Zangdokpalri Foundation
PO Box G, Claverack, NY 12513

Zangdokpalri Foundation for Great Compassion is a volunteer, nonprofit, fully-qualified 501(c)(3) organization, with no paid staff; and as such, donations are fully tax-deductible to the extent of the law. 100% of all contributed donations go directly to support the designated purpose.