“This Healing Chod was one of the most beautiful, important things I have done for myself.” – Sharon Salzberg

The unique Healing Chod from the mind treasure of Kunzang Dechen Lingpa is an ancient Buddhist ritual known for its power to heal mental and physical sickness, remove karmic obstacles to spiritual growth, and address human suffering.

During this multiple-session Healing Chö ceremony, there will be no teachings to listen to, no instructions to follow or techniques to learn. Just bring your favorite pillow, a blanket or mat, lay down and relax while Rinpoche and the monks and nuns perform four musically compelling rituals (with breaks in between). The sacred sound of drums, bells, horns, chants and mantra, along with the accomplished realizations of Rinpoche and the monks and nuns, initiate the favorable conditions necessary to pacify the causes of discord and illness.