The Zangdokpalri Foundation for Great Compassion was established in 2002 at the request of Kunzang Dechen Lingpa Rinpoche to establish the non-sectarian teachings of the Buddhism of Tibet in the west and support the Nuns and Monks of Zangdokpalri in India. Rinpoche was a terton (revealer of Dharma treasures) in the Ancient Lineage (Nyingma) of Tibetan Buddhism. At the end of his life he took the sole responsibility for the education and welfare of over 170 nuns and monks in remote northeastern India. Since Rinpoche’s passing in 2006, this responsibility has passed, like the pure nectar of one vessel being poured into another, to his son and spiritual heir, Dungse Rigdzin Dorje. Follow the links below to learn more about our history, activities, and current work in support of the nuns and monks.